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coach Marcus


Coach Anthony


A Kinesiology major and former player at Sac State. Currently, an AAU coach and trainer.


What is your best basketball memory/experience?

"I think it's a tie between playing at halftime of an NBA game, in front of thousands of fans on an NBA Court (Staples Center) when I was 11 years old or my career game sophomore year of High school, tallying 46 points, 12 assists, 5 rebounds, and 4 steals in a preseason tournament in San Diego.

Raven 2


A collegiate player at Long Beach State University 2013-2017. She lead the program in points all four years.  She continued her education at Washington State graduating with a Masters in intercollegiate athletics leadership.  She was also the program assistant for the University of Washington woman's basketball team. Raven has been a basketball trainer since 2017

What is your most memorable basketball experience?

"Playing college ball. Being able to travel the country playing the game I love with my best friends/teammates"

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coach isaiah

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coach Roman


coach ben