Take your shooting skills to new levels at Shoot 360! Test, train, and track your shot like never before! Shoot 360’s technology will help make you the best shooter on any court!


Our proprietary system allows all of our members to take advantage of quality repetitions at the highest level possible. Our technology provides our members with instantaneous feedback, allowing them to make real-time corrections and adjustments to their shots. As our coaches say, it’s not the number of shots you put up but the quality of shots you are taking! Our technology will keep members developing the standards set by the experts in our industry at a much faster rate than the competition. Our technology allows our members to play competitive, interactive video games; climb their way up our world leader board; engage in guided video workouts, and compete in real-time against members in other facilities around the country. Shoot 360 is the only facility providing its members with access to the same technology used by NBA teams every time they come in for a workout session.

Splash Meter 2.0


  • Immediate auditory and visual feedback after every shot attempt.
  • Multiple repetitions from multiple spots on the floor.
  • Shooting evaluation that measures your left/right accuracy shot arc, shot depth, and field goal percentage.
  • Interactive and competitive gaming features (Like playing in your own virtual video game).
  • Preset interactive and guided workout sessions


  • Every shot is measured for shot arc, shot depth, and left/right accuracy.
  • Each shot is recorded as a made or missed shot.
  • Upon completion of your workout, your profile is updated to indicate results, and your workout summary can be found immediately on our interactive mobile app to provide detailed workout results.
  • Our leaderboards allow you to see how you compare to similar members in your age group, gender, and overall.


Put your passing skills to the test and experience the world’s first high-tech passing skill court. You’ll develop better accuracy, speed, and timing with your passes.


Our innovative passing technology provides athletes with an engaging and interactive workout to improve the development of their passing skills. Athletes are challenged to make game speed decisions in order to deliver the best pass without committing a turnover.

Shoot 360
Ball Handling


Improve your ball-handling skills with our virtual trainer, who will lead you through a series of guided workouts. Our video library holds roughly 350 unique ball-handling videos. These drills are skill level specific, from beginner to advanced. Organized into “drill packs”, these ball handling workouts range in length from 4 to 15 minutes. Your virtual trainer gives you a quick demonstration of the drill and challenges you to complete the drill to the best of your ability. We provide opportunities for our members to step outside of their comfort zone and try to reach a higher skill level each time they work out.


Let our expert coaches help you master the fundamentals. We offer personal training sessions where coaches will work with athletes to develop a regimen designed specifically for each individual athlete.


From shooting mechanics to game speed moves, our personal trainers help you get results. Our personal training sessions give you individualized one on one skill development, covering any aspect of the game you want to address. Our staff works with the player to determine what skills need to be enhanced, and together, they come up with a plan to maximize each session. These sessions can be tailored to work on shooting, ball handling, scoring moves, one on one defense, etc. You can also add 1 to 3 additional players to a training session for a small group training and receive the same detailed instruction with an additional competitive edge. Personal training packages can be purchased as individual sessions or in packs of 6 or 12. All of our staff members conducting these sessions have experience playing at the college level, coaching at the high school and/or college level, playing professionally overseas, or a combination of all of the above.



We offer skill-specific classes to build well rounded fundamental skills. Our classes cover everything from rebounding through how to effectively score off screens.


We cover a variety of individual and team concepts. Our emphasis is on purposeful and unique teaching, with an emphasis on quality repetitions. A list of our class offerings, descriptions, and schedules are below. All included in your membership.

Non-member drop-in fee $20.00 per class. Call to reserve. 


Bring your team into Shoot 360 for a team clinic! Our coaching staff will work with you to design a workout program to help your team improve in the needed areas.


Our team-based clinics consist of a unique partnership between your team, your head coach, and Shoot 360. We work in collaboration with your team’s coaching staff to design, implement, and put into action a 60-minute practice plan. We can cover any facet of the game, from team offense to team defense to special situations. For more information on pricing and availability.


Athletic Development

“Work on your athleticism and increase your vertical jump and agility on the court.  Become that lock down defender that no one can get around, that high flying rebounder snatching the ball out of the air, beat the defense down the court in transition for the open dunk, break down your defender with the ability to change directions and shift speeds with the ball.  www.vertimax.com/basketball-training


All of our members will receive instruction from our certified coaches during their time in the shooting, passing, and ball handling courts. Our coaching staff will not only use their playing experience at high levels but also their coaching experience at multiple levels to promote all facets of player development.